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About us

We are the company of over-sixteen-years experience in the implementiation of IT solutions. Today, one of our priority is mobile developing, the modern and useful solution for every business. We started with Android, as the most popular one on the Polish market. Very quickly we decided to extend our experience with iOS working on iPad and iPhone devices. Finally, the Windows Phone system completes our spectrum of mobile developing.


We do using iOS, Android and WindowsPhone - for the iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Mobile technology allows you to reach out to resources at any time and in almost every place. To browse websites or read emails the copmuter or laptop is no longer required. Today the obile applications and Web sites mobile friendly are consistent card and offer of the modern company.

Our work


The first official Polish e-school application available for mobile devices running on the Android system. The application supports educational platform "Virtual School" (www.eszkola24.pl), acting in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education. The application is dedicated to the students and their parents & allows to: review assessments, attendance, lesson plan, suggestions, comments and many more...


The application made as Studio Kalimae.
"Respi" includes a number of instructional videos HD for auto-relaxation and auto-massage methods led by the famous French Dr. Anne-Béatrice Leygues (Author, Producer and Director). "Respi" is available in 10 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.
Application available on the AppStore for free (simplified two thematic groups) and as payable full HD version.

Radio date

Thanks to this application you will find a partner to a party, a romantic evening, perhaps for life? Take the rhythms of Radio "Fama" and find the other half. Application allows you to: view ads of date any of date, add own announcements, direct correspond with the person placing ads via sms, and... listen to the radio!
Application available on the Google Play Store for free!

Silent Agent

Now you can easily set up your phone. From now your phone will automatically switch to on defined profile. The application is extremely simple. It allows you to define any number of profiles as well as switch profiles automatically.
Just install, run, and define the profile. From now forget to turn on/off your phone rings (fe.: at night, mornings).
Application available on the Google Play Store.

Interactive Historical Reference Book

"Your code into the mysteries of history". This application allows you scanning qr-codes (quick response) to quickly obtain basic information about the museum exhibits - one of the most modern museum and educational center in Kielce.
Display units are cataloged and can be enlarged by full description with multimedia.
Application available for free on the official center site: www.ompio.pl

Angler assistant

Must-have for every angler! Without it, better not to move the fishery! Number # 1 on the list of applications in the Andorid Market. Thousands of downloads and high opinions on the usefulness of the application are the best recommendation of our product. Here you will find:
- fishing log is used to store the catch history, current weather and location on the map,
- fish atlas, no more problems with recognizing the fish,
- and much more

In the rhythm of a woman

This application is dedicated to women who want to become pregnant, expecting a baby and holding a newborn child. It has a classic diary format which allows selecting the necessary signs, identifying the fertile days, staying in touch with friends and other users through blog and forum.

"In the rhythm of a woman" is prepared as 3 independent applications for all main mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and WindowsPhone - in both formats: ready for tablet and smartphone.
Application will be available soon on the Google Play, AppStore and WindowsPhone market!

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Always on time

Our business is programming, that's why we complete the work in a time, in accordance with the agreed terms of the contracts. Good implementation of arrangements between companies results mutual trust and satisfaction.

Proper person for the job

Many years of our business activity allows us to gain a large number of experts in various programming skills & technologies - PHP, Java, Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android and MobilePhone). This is our guarantee of reliable each project made in a predetermined technology.

International portfolio

Some foregin companies (French) has taken us to work together. Developed applications have the multilingual, international nature and are created for clients of the global mobile applications market.

Satisfied customer

Our skills, experience, resources and credibility allows us to closely cooperate with domestic and foreign companies creating solutions to the markets of Europe, Asia and the U.S. The attractiveness of mutual cooperation also applies to accounts, the most satisfied element of cooperation.